Dr. Manish Maladkar  
About the Author

Dr. Manish MaladkarDr. Manish Maladkar M.D. (BOM),  M.C.C.P. (USA) is engaged in contemplating the different aspects of human life since last two decades.

Professionally, he is holding a senior position in a leading Indian pharmaceutical company and apart from his major contribution to the scientific community, he is actively engaged in adding value to Inspirational and Motivational literature.

Some of his musings got published in reputed news papers like the Times of India. Under the title of Life – An Odyssey: Time Tested Mantras Providing Solutions to Life’s Problems, the author has compiled selective 35 musings which throws light on the hurdles in the journey of human life and the ways to brings about happiness from these hurdles in ourselves and spreading it to others. Incorporation of heart touching short stories and beautiful quotes makes this literature more interesting and worth reading.

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